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Danielle Murdoch — уже в Иркутске, на Байкале
8 сентября 2008, 15:41

не смотря на проблемы с мотоциклом, путешествие продолжается


Hi Sergey,

We have been a bit delayed in our traveling to Moscow, My french friends with the van, got their van fixed here in Irkutsk ( thank you for your offer of your address, but we do not need it anymore). So we went to see the lake for a few days — that’s when, my bike started to make a strange sound!! oh no…. I’m not too sure whats wrong, whether its the piston rings or the cam chain — Ive asked around here in Irkutsk to get it fixed, but they all tell me that they don’t have parts. So I’m limping to Moscow and when my bike actually stops, ill put it on the train — i really don’t want this to happen.

The french van is ahead of me by a couple of days and i have met up with the French motor biker. So we are traveling together for the rest of the trip. I think we will get to Moscow next weekend. fingers cross my bike will make it!!


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