Danielle Murdoch: hello im in Khabarivsk
22 2008, 11:25

10:08 Flan: hello im in Khabarivsk
my speedo has just broken,
so i may have to travel back to vladivostok
10:10 : what’s happen? why broken?
Flan: the cog that fixes onto the wheel is worn…
i use it for my fuel
10:11 apparently there are no motorbike shops here.
10:14 : Do you need help?
10:15 Flan: im not sure what im going to do….
its eaither i turn around or i can get some one to bring one up to me.
i meet a few people along the way
one might be coming back in my dirrection.
10:16: i could try and ask them to bring me the part.
or find a bicycle one and fit it onto my bike
10:32 : let me know, what will happen with you, ok?
10:33 Flan: i will.. im going to try and find a push bike shop here
and see if i can attach a push bike speedo…

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